From the Airport

Distances, quoted further, are measured from the Arrivals Gate of the Airport. There, please set your car´s odometer to zero km.
Leaving Madeira International Airport, please follow the roadsign to Funchal, and you will go on to the motorway in the direction of Funchal. After 14 km, leave the motorway to your right at the Exit n.º 13, at the indication to Funchal (Boa Nova).
Upon leaving the motorway, at the junction turn right at the roadsign Palheiro Golf, and keep straight aheade on the Regional road, when your odometer indicates 14,6 km you will find another junction indicating S. Gonçalo, turn right and continue straight ahead, downhill, until the next crossroad, when your odometer indicates 15,4 km. There, you should turn right, you will pass a petrol station on your left hand. Keep driving straight until you find a church on your left, your odometer indicates 16,1 km. At the crossroad take the road on your left, you will pass the front door of church on your left hand, you will get to an intersection, then turn right to Rua Nova da Igreja, and drive down the road. Almost in the end of this road, when your odometer reaches 16,6 km, you will find, on your right side, the Quinta’s main gate, at Rua Nova da Igreja, n.º 1. Ring the bell and park the car inside.
Quinta São Gonçalo is therefore situated 16,6 km from the airport and it takes you about 20 minutes to reach it from the airport by car.